Why Are Americans so Easily Manipulated?


The judge said that it is not about racism, the defense says it’s not about race, the prosecution says it’s not about race, the JURY says racism had nothing to do with it, Trayvon Martin’s parents say it’s not about race, are Americans that easily fooled and emotionally manipulated? WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT RACE?

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  1. Obama, Holder and the media have tried to divide the United States with the race thing, but I have faith in the AMERICAN people that they will drop it and let both families heal and go on with their lives. No one won.

  2. I hate to say it but I’m starting to lose my faith in the American people 😦

  3. Obama, Holder need to stop this stuff. The black people have a lot to work on in their on back yard. They need to be good parents and ensure that their kids can speak good english and move up in life. There are way too many blacks killing blacks. They need to compete with every one in America and achive higher goals like many blacks have done already. They need to work to make the hood a thing of the past. The NAACP and those kind of groups need to go as they are not helping the blacks. I hope that they stop calling themselves black first and say they are Americans only. I hope the latinos will only call themselves Americans only.ETC. We are in America and we are all AMERICANS. God Bless each and every American.

    • It’s all about the money with them. They really don’t care about the people. Look where they live. They haven’t started programs to help anyone. They should be meeting to encourage not just coming out when they want to make headlines. They are the problem,

  4. Too bad the black duo Obama & Holder don’t devote their time to eliminating the thousands of black murders occuring in the Chicago area instead of putting on their race hustler hats and locking arms with Jackson & Sharpton.

  5. if the media and politicians don’t butt out they are liable to start a civil war-just say’n

  6. Why do Jackson and Sharpton call themselves Christian Reverends? All they promote is hate , there is nothing peaceful about them. They don’t even have parishes or pastor a church. They should be called Lucifer Reverends because there is nothing Christlike about them. As far as Obama and Holder they are the CEOs of this Reverend movement, they carry chips on their shoulders inspite of the power they have. This uprisings would not be the way it is if the big mouth Obama did not say Trayvon could be his son and even if he was does not excuse him. The intelligent and classy blacks don’t talk and act like this crazy morons, all four of them.

  7. All very well said!!! Congrats to all of you.

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