16yo Zimmerman…



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  1. I bet if he had a Grandfather that Grandfather would look just like Trayvon.

  2. I see what you’re getting at here, but I’m sure Trayvon’s family has pictures of him doing “wholesome” things at 16, as well. We don’t know what George Zimmerman was doing at 16 years of age when his family wasn’t taking his picture. The majority of us did stupid things when we were teenagers and wanted to start spreading our wings and asserting our independence. When we thought we knew everything and that nothing bad could happen to us. I do believe Zimmerman acted in self defense, but no one knows if Trayvon was doing anything wrong that night. He was still someone’s son, sibling, boyfriend. No matter what the situation is, he was still a human being. It would be nice if people would just focus on the legal part of the proceedings and stop trying to incite anger amongst each other. Especially mainstream news outlets. It doesn’t help anything at all.

  3. What a difference, huh? I can not stand the whole, “Wanna be cop thing!” like that is somehow worse than a wanna be thug?

  4. Yes, and he stood up and put himself out there to help protect his neighbors…

  5. When Zimmerman was 16 twitter, facebook, and just readily taking a quick photo didn’t exist. I’m sure at some point during his teens he did something questionable (we all do) and it just wasn’t caught on camera and shared with the world.

  6. ~Justice Did PREVAIL, YAY For George Zimmerman~!!!!!!

  7. Just tell me what Martin did wrong to be killed? The medical examiner said there were no marks on Zimmerman’s head that indicated he had his head banged against the concrete by Martin as was his excuse for self defense. Ziimmerman was told to leave the kid alone and to NOT get out of his car. Evidently he didn’t feel he needed to follow orders.

    • Donna, I don’t know what report you’re looking at but I’ve seen photos of Zimmerman taken immediately after, with bloody wounds on the back of his head and a broken nose. This was a tragic event and nobody deserved to die.

      • I saw the same photo’s of the broken nose and bloody back of his head … Maybe Zimmerman should not have followed Martin, but he took the neighborhood watch seriously .. I have twice followed someone in my car while on the phone to dispatch when I saw someone break the law .. I was a lone female, unarmed and did it.. It is my upbringing of what’s right is right and wrong is wrong ….In retrospect, it could have led to me being killed , but in the heat of the moment I was doing what was right (in my eyes)

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