The Obamas Pay Only 18% Tax…


On April 15 2013, or tax day, as we all know it made headlines that the White House had released President Obama’s tax records for 2012. This was met with a lot of criticism because on average, American workers like teachers or police officers pay a tax rate of about 30%. The Obamas only paid 18.4%.

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  1. The President pays all the taxes that are due based upon the law. His effective rate is lowered because he gives to charity just as any citizen currently has the right to do. There are many things for which to criticize this President but this is not one of them.

  2. 18% on taxable income? Or on gross? I am middle-class. I have never paid 30% on taxable or gross. Where are you getting this figure for average tax rate?

  3. Some time ago I saw the amount that he had given to charity. It was very little.

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