While discussing the recent FBI raid of a “Christian Militia” group, several thoughts crossed my mind. FIRST, I felt that, in being consistent with holding Muslims accountable for their extremists, I carry a responsibility as a God loving Christian man, to help expose & root out any “Christian” groups promoting violence on innocent people. SECOND, Eric Holder’s statement that this was an “Insidious plan by Anti-Govt extremists” seemed slightly hypocritical, considering one of the most common visitors to the White House & long time Obama insider is none other than the unrepentant terrorist, bomber, “Anti-Govt Extremist” William Ayers. In an interview a few years ago, Ayers was asked if he had any regrets and his response was simply that he wished they had done even more! Under the Obama admin, the FBI seems to have no problem finding radical Christian groups but can’t seem to find the Muslim “Training Camps” written about in the following link: In conclusion, I DO NOT IN ANY WAY SUPPORT, CONDONE OR ADVOCATE THE USE OF VIOLENCE TOWARDS ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH ME. ……and that is The HastingsOpinion……

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  1. My thoughts exactly. Amazing how minds work! I discuss this at

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